Chez Oskar

Chez Oskar


Continuing on the French bistro trend we moved onto Chez Oskar, a funky little surprise in Clinton Hill / Fort Greene. We weren’t really sure what to expect as we just meandered in here after deciding against 5 previous lunch contenders. Chez Oskar it was. I start many French Bistro experiences with their French Onion soup, not for any special reason other than my taste buds water at the thought of it. I mean the CHEESE, the flavor, the CHEESE, and cute bowls they come in, my senses are helpless against a good French Onion soup.  Chez Oskar’s while tasty, was nothing to write home about. I liked it only because I like cheese.

Such was not the case with the main course; the highly recommended and much anticipated lamb burger. It lived up to it’s reputation. Cooked to buttery softness, simple but punchy spices, and topped off with a delicate goat cheese spread, a strong contender for best neighborhood burger. Not skimping, the dish comes with crisp fries, and a well dressed salad. What a deal! I smiled all the way through lunch, despite the slow and inattentive service.


IMG_20120102_150852.jpg IMG_20120102_150906.jpg IMG_20120102_150921.jpg IMG_20120102_150935.jpg IMG_20120102_151008.jpg IMG_20120102_153309.jpg IMG_20120102_155057.jpg

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