Dispatches from DoBro

Just about every denizen in DoBro has said something about the weather — which is nothing new, and in about another month we’d have been well on our way to collective amnesia “what snowstorms?!”, were it not for the unplowed streets that make this years flurry batches unforgettable. A close second though has got to be the ensuing trash — immortalized here by AOL’s

And if that wasn’t enough trash talk for the Toren, DoBro’s zebra tower, they’ve also been recently stripped of their crown as best selling building in DoBro.

I think we all secretly knew that Be@Schermerhorn with its drop dead prices was out selling the Toren, we just opted not to say anything about the “accounting” error.

The neighborhood while still in the throes of construction and snow-trash appears to be selling well, according to property shark data, which shows that most sales in the $500-$1,000 SF range were in DoBro or Park Slope, so take THAT Williamsburg! We may show you yet!

81 Willoughby was named Brownstoner’s “Building of the Day” for February 10th.  Which made me stop and actually take a look at that building. For the entire 6+ months that I’ve been living in the neighborhood I never paid attention to that building, it has students congregating on its steps, so when I usually pass it I’m actually pushing through it. But truth be told, it IS quite nice.

Brooklyn Gold which we covered last year in October is having a moment, only 4 units left from the sponsor according to Brownstoner, who featured this unit as their Feb. 3rd “Rental of the Day”. While the complex is a strong rental I’m not sure about this $1,999 for a one bedroom. I mean the W/D is *clearly* in the kitchen. You would think that would impress the multi-tasker in me, but it doesn’t.

The Brooklyn Burger Bonanza can probably thank the Shake Shack for the moment the burger is experiencing. But really, how many of these things can we eat, and how often?

Smash burger:

Chee burger:

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