Brooklyn Restaurant: Motorino


Everywhere you look people have been talking about Motorino, everyone from NY1, NYMag, ┬áRachel Ray, even the venerable NYTimes has gone so far as to crown Motorino as the best pizza in NYC. Fighting words indeed. ┬áMy husband being the fiendish pizza connoisseur of course has had this place on his hit list for quite some time. We went there well into the evening, so unfortunately the photos don’t do this place justice, you’ll have to take my word for it. The hunger-creating smells entice you well over a block away. The ambiance is simple, with a real wood burning over as its centerpiece. Overall it creates an atmosphere of simple pleasures, letting its patrons focus on the task at hand, eating the pizza.

We decided to start off with the Margherita DOC and the Pugliese, thinking that 2 pizzas between the 4 of us would be enough. We finished off the two in record time, and were still hunched over our tables, hoping one more slice would magically appear — if we looked hard enough. We talked ┬áravenously about the cheese to crust ratio, the freshness of the basil on Margherita and the richness of conflicting flavors in the Pugliese. It didn’t matter that our breaths were laced with so much garlic that we would’ve killed every character from Twilight — it is impossible NOT to bond over this pizza.

How could it be that good? It is. And like all good things, it leaves you wanting more. We ordered a third. True story.

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