Toren and Avalon

This week in DoBro: Skyscrapers, sandwiches and More!

Toren and Avalon

DoBro and its surrounding neighbors continues to get some snazzy highlights, some snippets below:

Skyscraper District – The Gothamist ran a post yesterday on how the Landmark Preservation Commission is considering the city’s first historic skyscraper district. But it won’t be where you’d expect to find skyscrapers (i.e. midtown, downtown or anywhere in Manhattan) but rather by Brooklyn’s own Borohall. Read More.

Panera is joining the recent restaurant boom in DoBro. I think we can all thank Brooklyn Fare and Shake Shack for the recent restaurant fever. The same article also mentions Sephora is en route —  I’m snapping my fingers but I’m not waking up from the dream. Read More.

The the Observer called Fulton Mall “gentrification defiant” a few weeks ago, but by the next month NY Times ran a story that indeed (much to everyone’s surprise)  gentrification is coming. I have to say. I didn’t think it would happen so soon.

Albee Sq. properties open auction at $4M. This isn’t so newsworthy until you actually see the photo of the place. I mean, it really is hard to look at, but I guess when you consider that the land you’re buying is contiguous and can be easily developed.  Read More.


27 Quincy

Brooklyn Real Estate: 27 Quincy

I spied 27 Quincy from, it looked like they were offering some pretty attractive units at pretty affordable prices. Duplex 2 BD / 2BA at $499k in a new development, very tempting. It did have some initial red flags – it’s not that close to the subway, and the subway that is within walking distance is the G. It’s also right on the cusp between Clinton Hill and Bed Stuy, which might not be a big deal depending on the surrounding area. But the building has some nice amenities: super high ceilings (in duplexes), bike storage, FIOS hook-up, custom cabinetry, oak flooring, stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. And did I mention they’ve made it very affordable, 15 year tax abatement and FHA loans that let you put down as little as 3.5%.

The lobby is well lit and nicely decorated, video intercom — but no doorman. The model unit that I visited was aesthetically pleasant and gave you a good feel for what you could do with the space. I’m always creeped out when I see the silent owner in the corner “observing”. In this case since these units were new, I’m not sure who the silent man was in the living room area looking out the balcony. But he didn’t seem that friendly and so I skirted around him — missing out on some details of the unit. But there was no denying the expansiveness of the ceilings in the living /dining room or the enormous windows that made the downstairs alone feel like the 1,000+ sqft. And the juliet balcony is a nice touch. I liked that the bedrooms are separated, one downstairs and one upstairs, so the downstairs could easily operate as a home office. I liked the downstairs bathroom fixtures especially since upstairs one with its small tiling, and unimaginative white –( which was already looking off white-ish) — left something to be desired.

Now, while the downstairs had everything going for it, the upstairs did not. It really just has medium sized master bedroom with a white-ish bathroom, and a rather obstructive air unit. I’m also not a huge fan of the precarious stairs. While it does have a dramatic look, it’s rather steep and it’s floating so children will be able to crawl through the steps.

Finally, the neighborhood … not great. Certainly not one of Clinton Hill’s most charming areas. It has an industrial surrounding, followed by the Salvation Army across the street — and little else in terms or residence. I also didn’t spy any convenient stores or restaurants nearby — though I suppose they could exist since I didn’t look too hard. It would feel like a long and lonely walk back from the subway.

Disclaimer: These reviews were written before I was a real estate agent, and reflects my previous opinions solely as a buyer.