New Development: Lineage at 315 Greene Avenue

On possibly the rainiest day this year we decided to do what felt like a marathon of open houses. My husband had suggested that perhaps we should stay in. I for some crazy reason that I can’t understand disagreed, “we’ll be mostly indoor anyways” I whined. So he gave in, and we both lived to semi regret it. After viewing 270 Greene Ave it would’ve been a short skip to 315 Greene Ave. if not for the torrential rains. We were beginning to get soaked when we made it in through the doors, “best stay awhile” the agent greeted us — and she was so nice about it we did stay awhile. Enough to get a good look at the goods.

The first unit we looked was 1B a 2 BD / 2 BA ground floor duplex at $610k and at over 1,500 sq ft it was well positioned. The unit was impressive. The light filtered in from both the back and the front yard, giving it an ambient glow throughout. The living room had floor to ceiling windows, which opened nicely to the front, and a not-too-small balcony in the back. The bedrooms breathed well, and had decent closet space, the bathrooms featured nice spa like finishes but weren’t connected to any particular bedroom so it would have to be shared with living room traffic. The downstairs portion of the unit was laid out similarly to the above, but had only half as many windows giving it a basement-esque feel. The “bedroom” at the bottom didn’t have a door, but it seemed for all intents and purposes to be intended as a bedroom and was staged as a kids room, it opened out to a small but pretty garden. Overall the unit was very strong, and we liked that the stairs felt like stairs (i.e. it had a landing) and not a hybrid between steps and a ladder.

We continued to look at some of the other units, one bedrooms (2B) but didn’t like them half as much. They featured the same layouts but without the duplex,  which actually took a lot away from the units. They put a “nursery” where the stairs should’ve been, and it just seemed awkward that the nursery would be effectively in the hallway, though I suppose it could function successfully as a home office.

Though just down the block from 270 Greene Avenue, the neighborhood already felt changed, brownstones graced the block rather than empty weed ridden lots, empty store fronts or boarded up houses. The building itself is non-descript, and there aren’t any amenities, not even a common roof deck so you can expect to NOT get to know your neighbors. Also, you’d have to resign yourself to the G and all the transfers that entails.  Still,overall it was in our minds a pretty good value for the price, and certainly much stronger than many new developments we’d seen.

Disclaimer: These reviews were written before I was a real estate agent, and reflects my previous opinions solely as a buyer.