New Development: 270 Greene Ave

We weren’t expecting much from 270 Greene Ave. We had actually gone there the past weekend but missed the open house by 15 minutes. We did however get an eyeful of its cinder block exterior and surroundings. The abandoned liquor store on the corner, overgrown parking lot next door, boarded up townhouse across the street, and empty store fronts that littered the block did not bode well. But we would’ve been wrong to dismiss it.

An increasingly rare breed of broker was well prepared with marketing materials, his card, and knowledgable on the highlights of the development. He pointed out that things would be rapidly developing in this area. He gestured to the corner cafe, “see .. that just opened a few months ago, and directly across the street a restaurant will be opening from the same owners as General Greene.” “REALLY?” we asked in unison.  Quite a feat if it’s true.

The units were pleasing, and spacious at $549k for 987 sq ft , $689k for 1,312 sq ft, and a whopping $775k for the penthouse  3BD / 3BA. The finishes were modern,  jacuzzi tub, high ceilings and oversized windows. Some of the units were also nicely laid out duplexes with surprisingly roomy closets. The development also had large personal storage, bike storage, common (but small) roof deck, and a nice 15 year tax abatement. All that said, the units seemed a bit dated. There were unsightly ACs littered about the rooms, the design seemed a bit severe, and despite the jacuzzi tub the bathrooms were surprisingly simple.

Overall, the development was better than expected but a tad over priced. The agent certainly did a lot to highlight its strong points, but there’s no getting around that it’s only near one subway (the G) — which means you’d have to transfer to get almost anywhere. It’s still next door to a parking lot of weeds, boarded up townhouses, and limited residential amenities.

Disclaimer: These reviews were written before I was a real estate agent, and reflects my previous opinions solely as a buyer.