Nesting VII: The Toro vs. The Belltel Round II

A tipster / friend forwarded us the Curbed article today, featuring the Belltel, Toren and the Oro! It’s like the article I’ve been waiting for! I’m surprised it took this long, surely, we can’t be the only ones wondering how these three properties are doing, competing against each other in such close proximity. Not only that but we submitted offers on all 3, took all 3 off the market (at different times), received all 3 offer plans, and had our poor attorneys review each of them. Not surprisingly it’s triggered quite the polarizing discussion on Curbed. Anyone else want to get in on the action here? At any rate, it’s great to see Downtown Brooklyn sparking the discussion and how people feel about pioneering areas.

Anyone see the mortgage rates today? Rock bottom, a new historical low. Most sites seem to be posting ~ 4.875% for a 30 year fixed. But I’m told that action can be had at 4.75% if you’ve got the right kind of score. Lucky for me, I’m married to the (perfect) man who naturally has perfect credit.