Nesting III: The Toren

We fell pretty hard for the Belltel, we were verifiably giddy about the place, and wanted to lock it in quickly.  After seeing the unit for the second time we made an offer — and based it on our sales agents guidance. Yet they took days (nearly a week) to get back to us. Some days there was no news at all, “I smell another buyer” my friend said. And he was right. We didn’t get the unit we had originally bid for, but we were offered a comparable unit at a slightly higher (but still within the budget) price. So we jumped on it. But there were more delays. This time it was bureaucratic, it took the Belltel two weeks to get the Purchase Agreement to our attorneys. The sales agent said it was going to be sent out the next business day (Monday), but by Wednesday that week it still wasn’t with them. Nor was it there by the end of the week. By the time it did get there, it had basic math problems with the purchase price. Our lawyers were not impressed. They cautioned us on the unit “only two windows? And have you googled the developer?” I started having my doubts.

My husband left the day the Purchase Agreement was ready, it was practically fated that he missed the paper work by a mere hour. Seeing as I couldn’t sign until he got back, I decided to listen to the voice in the back of my head to keep looking. I had continued to consume my now favorite blogs, Curbed, and Brownstoner so ferociously I toyed with the idea of applying for the weekend blogger job at Curbed.  Taking the dive back into the market, I called 110 Livingston, they had often been mentioned in the same (but better) breath as the Belltel. All their units were sold out, but they did direct me to Angelo (of the NY Casa Group) — he represented all of their properties. So I emailed him and lazily gave him my parameters (thinking the Belltel was still a good deal), and was slow to get back to him. I’m glad I finally did. He was professional, responsive from the start, and had a solid understanding of the market. He showed me great properties, and offered good advice. As a highlight he showed me Toren — and in two seconds I took back everything I ever said about it “ruining” Brooklyn with its jutting architecture. It was now the Romeo to my Juliet.

I couldn’t wait for my husband to see it. Better yet I couldn’t wait to tell him, it was within budget of the Belltel. He wasn’t as easy to persuade as I thought. “Why bother?, it’s still more per square foot, and the subway isn’t right outside its’ door“. “Just look” I insisted, “if you don’t like it we’ll go with the Belltel, we’ll have lost nothing by you spending a day looking“. So he did look, with Angelo. And I’m happy to report he came back and pronounced, “it would be a dream come true to own that place, I can’t believe it.”